Analytical analysis of football matches

Аналитический разбор футбольных матчей

Analytical analysis of football matches

All the well-known proverb: seven times measure — cut once. That steadfast rule applies in the case of rates in bookmaker offices. A successful at bat knows that in order to avoid errors, it is necessary to conduct proper analytical study.

In this article, we take a closer look at the steps you need to take.

Situational analysis. What is it?

The General concept of a prediction of the outcome of the match can be carried out almost immediately after the required better the game appears in the line. In this case it will not be wise to do cafe, study, chronicle of games between the team of the upcoming match.

The main analysis is carried out about the day before the game, assuming that the Internet has the appropriate amount of information in the public domain.

Also for the analytical analysis it is possible to use web resources, adding them to the "Bookmarks" section of your browser.

Chasing two hares, you will catch neither. You should not take just a dozen tournaments. An acceptable option would be to sample a couple of Championships, and implementation of 4-6 bets per day.

High-quality analytical analysis of the match is based on several under stages. Let's try to examine them briefly.

Traumatic damage

Before you undertake an analytical analysis of the match, you should first find out who the players of the teams upcoming game 100% will not take part in the match. Some bookmakers put the quotation data for a couple of days before the match and do not update them (not to mention the consideration of player injuries), which could get since the publication of the material. This is a pretty rash step, as traumatic damage one player can essentially say to the entire game.

Here is the advantage of the interested in bet over the betting office because interested in baskhis face alone is focused on several matches and captures a full range of information that is in the public domain before the match.

Thus, if the user pays a bet on one or the match, players injuries can be cause for reconsideration.

Status match

The status of the match also plays an important role not only for the user who wants to bet, and the competing teams. This, in turn, will impact on the game. If it's a friendly type match, especially active games may not be. Often, the results in these games come to a draw. Another thing, when the match has a much more elevated status, like the world Cup.

Thus, it is important to understand the psychological aspects of each game. For example, in the case when the team's on the verge of departure, it is possible the increased performance.

When considering games, it is important to consider the following factors:

  • The ferocity of the match
    The confrontation between teams from different towns and clubs it is extremely difficult to predict.
  • The presence of revenge
    In case of loss, one of the team will make more forces for revenge.
  • Return in the playoffs
    In previous games, as a rule, not always held a fierce battle.

The formation of teams

The vast majority of novice bettors bet based on the last matches of teams, which must compete against. This calculation is not long lasting, because you need to consider everything from the current form of the team, to levels throughout the season and other factors.

Weather conditions

Most of the European types of leagues open the season at the end of the summer and finish by the end of spring. It is at the start of the season it is quite possible to see unexpected and unprecedented results. At this time of the season, often are bets on underdogs with a high level of the ratio.

This is done due to the fact that only a few months, the overall picture settle and will be known to the leaders and outsiders of the season.

Chronicle of the matches over the years

Of course, the historical picture matches is often fundamental in analytic analysis, however, in the case where the same command is not able to take the championship from his rival, it is likely that the match is missed.

The outcome of the game clubs from the same district is not so much the hope of victory, as the caution of not winning the Derby.

Other factors affecting the game

Based on the foregoing, it becomes clear that the result of the match depends. The quality of football coverage, the weather, the fans, injuries. The team, which has long been wins playing on a quality coating, you will not be able to show the same results in poorer quality field.

In the case when there is no time and effort to learn such a large amount of data, you can use the special web sites, where is carried out a computer analysis of rates.

Given the algorithm, the service will be able to carry out an automatic calculation of the upcoming match and provide quotes for the outcome of the game.


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