Futuristic rates: myths and reality

Futuristic rates: myths and reality

Rates of the distant future — a new tool of the bookmakers to attract users to their sites. In most cases, to make such events impossible. Such rates it is logical to only consider as a fun pastime, and in any case as a source of stable profits.

What are bets on unusual events of the distant future?

Under the definition used by bookmakers normally means two types of bets. The first most common bets on non-sporting events or only indirectly related to sports activities. The most striking examples of the lines bookmakers:

  • betting on the end of the world;
  • forecasts of global terrestrial catastrophes (earthquakes, floods);
  • taking bets on the change of the political system or the emergence of new laws;
  • proposals to predict events in the life of public people.

A thinking player realizes that it is impossible to predict, for example, the end of the world with a positive expectation. Any such rate is intended for beginners or those who prefer to give their money to the bookmakers in return for positive emotions.

Bookmakers in recent years, the use of such rates in order to attract the attention of potential customers. If a detailed painting of each of the football championship is no surprise, in the case of unsportsmanlike bets each bookie did whatever. Will there be an end? Flying aliens? Rise up dead? This is not the most insane suggestions from the modern bookmakers.

Inexperienced players and fans to throw money into the void are purchased on large factors. They sometimes are through the roof. More than the victory of the Russian team at the world Cup. The effect of the alleged profit, when a user sees an incredible amount of their BudOwego win. It only remains to wonder, who would pay the prize if the end of the world?

Bets on unusual sporting events in the distant future

Not all bets on a long-term event — utopia. It is theoretically possible to obtain income in the long term, predicting sports events from distant future. In this capacity, it is necessary to consider not the normal rate, for example, on the nearest winner's, and forecasts for decades ahead.

Particularly common types of bets in the UK. The home of football was widely publicized story of how one football fan put on the fact that the midfielder Liverpool Xabi Alonso goal from own half. It is necessary such to happen — Alonso is really punishing one of the goalkeepers for that mistake. Bold forecaster received a round sum, although nothing ventured, as set pennies.

How to put on unusual events in the distant future?

To bet on unrealistic events from non-life — unprofitable occupation. Every bettor should get rid of illusions about winning strategies. The right approach may be only two to play for fun or to completely ignore such odds. Don't even try to pick up strategy. It does not exist.

Win at sports betting long term is more difficult than normal, but still possible. In order to predict the future 10-20 years ahead, you need great luck and great patience. The meaning of the strategy is to look for mistakes in bookies line on such events. The probability of a winning outcome for the player will still be extremely low, but the advantage you can get using the occasions when the bookies mindlessly inflate the coefficients.

For long-term rates makes sense to use the classic flat. Strategy involves a separate Bank allocated just under one method of the game. In any case, don't bet on long-term rates from the total amount allocated for bid. It will be difficult to calculate the profit. Another complication tedious waiting. If the player places, say, on the development of a specific player, so you have to wait for a result bet at least ten years. Not the fact that he is a lover of gambling games is simply not abandoned his passion.




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