ESports: how to start?

ESports competitions originated in 1997. They are the annual increase in the popularity among the viewers, which proves strong rooting this kind of competitions.

ESports is officially recognized in many countries of the world (the first was Russia). At the international level, held their own "Olympic games" – World Cyber Games, and the meeting divided into professional leagues.

Despite the progress made in the promotion of eSports to the masses (legal recognition, organization, broadcast on TV and publishing media), the competition is not yet different regularity. The only exceptions are a few dozen of the largest tournaments held in several disciplines.

The increase in prize money and spectators led to the creation of the League of G7, which brings together cyber command, has defined the rules of transfers and collects contributions for the organization of the Championships and the payment of the prize.

Established the teams and the rules of the contest, attracted bookmakers and betterof who bet on the outcomes. Some games, such as CS allow you to upload live during the broadcast of the meeting, right during game play.

The first step of liberator

Competitions in eSports are based on the popular computer games that are available to each of us. Not worth betting on eSports, not understanding the rules and basics of shooters, real time strategies or simulators.

As in a conventional sport game, which runs the competition, it is necessary to love and to understand its goals and objectives. Perfect portrait better – a fan of the game, which "was cut" in her and continues to do so at the present time, knows all skills, especially passing and other details.

Stellar compositions

In the event of the result depends on the composition of the teams anddifferences star – recognized gamers international level. Start with learning the favorites of this sports industry: achievements, style of play (results), specific abilities (e.g., preference cards).

Do not spray attention to all computer games immediately, which competitions are held. Choose your favorite discipline and examined in the team – who "pulls" or simply "body".

Think like a tipster follow the idea of sports commentators

Sports media to attract the public contain "notebooks tipster". As a rule, sports commentators, hosts special column betting eSports. Choose materials that detail the lines of "books" and settle their own "downloading".

The task of the novice bettor to determine what kind of stats plays a role in decision-making and determining the probability of the outcome. The tipster describes the history of meetings and the facts from past games teams. Having mastered the points that need to pay attention to the bettor could try to use the same algorithms.

Where is the best to bet on eSports?

Betting on eSports accept many bookmakers. One of the objectives of the bettor – search valuing coefficients, which are formed after the deflection provided by publicbeta or a balance line, depending on the amount of total cash flow – liquidity. Such conditions are possible with bookmakers taking bets only on eSports.


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