Pitfalls when betting with a bookmaker

Pitfalls when betting with a bookmaker

Success in betting bring knowledge of the sport, the availability of betting strategies and money management tactics. The security Deposit is a priority for the better, but in addition to the "subsidence", "loose" and inaccurate forecast of the Bank is faced with other pitfalls in working with bookmakers.

Non-payment of winnings

A common problem for beginners, bet on sport, which came, but the payout from the bookie was not followed. Negotiations with "buck" led to the suspension of the account and ban the game account.

Bettor, betting on sports, not reading the internal rules of the bookmaker, putting a tick in the line "I Agree". The lock means or the non-payment is the time when these rules will have to see. If no violations, the bettor is faced with "kentom". Later, the Internet beginner will find many negative reviews about this "buck". And regret that I did not see them until "processed".

The choice of the bookmaker for sports betting needs to be given less importance than finding and developing the strategy. High rates, negative feedback, unrealistic bonuses, the promise of insider information on dogs – telltale signs of fraud.

The carelessness of the bettor when betting on sports

In second place on the drain Bank, after the "Cadle" Scam is the carelessness of the bettor is not there or not loaded. This is not surprising – time sports betting a beginner is associated with the emotions. The recent "Luz" causes fear, "Vining street" – euphoria, pulse quickens, blood pressure rises, and the attention is scattered.

Be careful, gather and check the "processed". Before you confirm a deal, askthose yourself the question: "are you sure You put on ... an event with odds ...?" Remember – bet on sports cannot be undone.

The bookmaker has cut the payout

Rates of newcomers, came under the influence of "win-win strategies" type plugs (the opposite outcomes of the same match at two beeches, with the difference of coefficients) will cause the response of the bookmaker.

Sites promoting "milosnikow" will tell you that competing beeches, "friends" by the Security Services, with a client base online and other mutual preferences. Try "bonushunting", forks, scroll bonuses through family members, will lead to blocking your account, refunds or cuts.

The use of anonymizers and other attempts to hide personal data will lead to the consequences described above. Bookie will not understand the intentions of the bettor, using the dynamic address. He will play and block the win.

Often there are cases where the exhaust is "just" cut foreign broker – this attitude spread to the players with citizenship of the CIS countries. To avoid such problems, it is important to choose the major foreign betting companies valuing reputation.

Different interpretations of results outcome

Sports betting are accepted and insignificant, poorly illuminated regional games. Bettor to bet should check with the bookie, what sources will be controlled by the outcome of such meetings. If the publication of the outcome in different media is inconsistent – the "buck" will side with their own informant, while another bookmaker result identical events will be interpreted differently.

Bettor should be willing that every time it sets out a dispute with a bookmaker on the subject of the coming hundredthe incident, the leadership of the BK will always be right. In rare cases, with the support of thematic sites and forums, you make a decision in their favor, but it is only the exception that proves the General rule – "the Bookie is always right".





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