Successful punters, who are they and where?

Successful punters, who are they and where?

The word athlete comes from England in the mid seventeenth century the so-called people place bets on competitions. The excitement was driven by sports, and the sportsman was the better earning and losing the funds that Finance the development of new industry shows.

Earnings in betting luck, chance or fate?

Favourites and leaders in the sport, mark his career a succession of victories, which is much more than failures. This applies to both teams and single players. Why successful punters less than the stars of world sport?

Excitement, lack, fear, greed and emotions interfere with both novice and experienced punters, analyze the lines to choose the right bet and bet amount.

In sports there is always the case, in win there is an element of luck, but stable earnings in betting is work. Incorrect positioning of the approach to rates - choice of outcomes and the odds on a hunch and chance, the constant attempts to fight back, turn bettera classic "Popina".

Statistics are stubborn things

What features are characteristic of most successful batters? First of all, the ability to work with statistics. This large amount of information, if you take the team matches and Championships at various levels. Constant betting depends on the ability to identify characteristics inherent in a specific sport or team. Batters "play at home" - by exploiting the sport in which understand.

Basketball better Bob Voulgaris, who made millions in the NBA games, suffered a series of setbacks in 2004 when he tried to bet on matches NHL. Later he acknowledged that his state is obliged to define the line of conduct coaches basketball teams, the style of their preparation for responsible matches, a victory which Bob Voulgaris was "easy" to predict.

But do not forget about control over emotions. Tony bloom has made a global name with victories in the Australian poker championship, football club owner and bookmaker, Star Lizard, managed to recover "gambling addiction", which suffered from his youth. After losing a decent amount, leaving the study, he found the strength "to understand yourself", to control passion and emotions. In the fight with you, Tony bloom has reached such perfection that he earned the nickname "lizard" for the tightness in the card game poker. Sports betting famous pokermen turned in earnings, becoming a bookie.

Follow the system, put in the algorithm.

Constant betting is possible, if worked out a system that turns a unit losses an integral part of the profitable strategies.

Trader Joe Pat loved baseball, but speculation in financial markets took all the working and free time. In purchases and sales of exchange asset successful who has the best strategy, so Joe devoted all the time to search for such systems and algorithms.

Brokerage firm collapsed and left no inheritance Pat applied knowledge of building systems and algorithms to baseball, trying to find undervalued or overvalued teams.

The first initiative brought him fabulous income in 41%. Failure only perfected the system, following the algorithm rates, Joe has proved the stability of income in the world of sports, as later wrote a book.
Successful punters are ordinary people who love sports, able.alive rules, do not trust the emotions. Work on yourself, choose a bookmaker on the recommendations of the site and winnings, over time, will fill your pockets.



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