War of the bookmakers. About unfair competition

War of the bookmakers. About unfair competition

Business of bookmakers in the first place depends on the continuous flow rates and expanding customer base. Battery is the resource between known and emerging brands is a real war.

Unfortunately, this battle between bookmakers do not always lead to benefits for customers – the mechanism of the latter-day invaders is reduced to the algorithm "to lure and Rob".

Unfair advertising

Any placed outside the law, is the bookmakers interpreted the state authorities as unfair. It does not interfere with the bookies to get on TV, the Premier League website and other respected resources, flickering in interactive media.

In that corner of the world wide web, which are not censorship, is the best conditions of the bookmakers is the principle of "fighting without rules". For the minds of clients struggle with the best publications of the coefficients (although the rest of the painting will come with a high margin) and no Deposit bonuses (complex testing).

Advertising will never tell you about the main law of sports betting "the bookie is always right". In addition, the customer rarely reads the rules or agreements, which spelled out the broad powers of the office upon payment of winnings, "the limits of hindsight" and other gimmicks.

Offer unlimited and other wonders of bookmakers

Players with large bets like all bookmakers. Many well-known brands "hanging" line icon "∞", implying nl betting. That is, in theory, for such events, anyone can put an unlimited amount. No bookmaker can't afford this luxury. The business of sports betting profitable in the long promiede time, in the short term – losses are not uncommon, so the bet limit.

Favorable conditions, unlimited payments exist before the first "Vining street" or a big win. Then start cutting, returns, blocking, and the long process of verification of your identity.

Capturing client-better, small bookmakers are "on the laws of war". Using the "loaded software" can draw rates, to impose additional services to be cynical to deny the victorious results of the regional matches, referring to its sources, which indicate the loss.

There is no choice?

War of the bookies is on the principle of "all against all". Offices in General beneficial to the customer stereotype "Throw all".

The course is everything: the proliferation of paid negative reviews, DDos attacks on competitors, fake design, color and functionality with the purpose to mislead, or simply to take away the money, leaving a definite negativity about the brand that was counterfeited.

How to determine the "Cento guarantee"?

Bettor became a clear victim of the war of bookmakers if:

  • a little-known office low margin on the peripheral games, unlimited bets or line is very different from other offices;
  • bettor learned, what sources were monitored and taken as the benchmark the results of the regional sports competitions;
  • on the pages of the website offer to make profitable bets on dogs;
  • the bookie sells a subscription to the insider;
  • not familiar with the agreement and the rules;
  • took a bonus without reading the terms or practice.

Be careful not to fall for tricks fraudsters.





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