Slovakia – Canada, may 13, 2019


Slovakia – Canada, may 13, 2019

The hosts of the world Cup 2019 in hockey against one of the strongest teams in the world. Slovakia or Canada? Who will take the coveted points in the group stage? Largest bookmakers are sure that luck will be supportive to the representatives of North America. But it is not only good luck, right?

Team Slovakia

For the hosts of the upcoming tournament will be extremely difficult to cleave. Already in the debut day they will meet with the Americans. Then the game against the Finns. A little rest and play with the Canadians. That is, already at the start of the group stage of the "Knights of the Tatras" will face all of the potential favorites of the group. It is possible that the charges Craig Ramsey it will be just at hand.

Although they may not score points in front of their fans in the first three matches, but then will be able to play to the fullest. And take its toll in fights with weaker competitors for an exit in the playoffs.

Team Canada

About "Maple leaf" makes no sense to talk too much. In last season's world Cup in Canada for the first time remained without medals. And now the patients bill Peters just have to rant and rave again to climb on the podium. A calendar or even (though hopefully that will do without them) injuries to key players is another matter.


For nineteen matches in the history of official matches, the Canadians beat Slovaks fourteen times. Two draws. And only three victories of the national team of Slovakia. Moreover, in the last two matches, even though they were (quite long) "Maple leaves" crushed the opponents with 4:1 and 5:0 in 2014 and 2016, respectively. It is not surprising that many believe it is the representatives of the New world the main favorite. Our forecast will not be original – victory Canada. And should think about a large number of of goals scored.

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