2019 IBU WCH in ice hockey: the results of the group stage


2019 IBU WCH in ice hockey: the results of the group stage

Today the teams will take the ice arenas in Slovakia, to determine the semi-finalists of the world Cup-2019. And yet before the games, there are still a few hours, let's remember how the teams finished the group stage. Did the confirm favorites quotes official bookmakers? Or the world championship was not without surprises?

Results in group A

Of the eight teams competing in Kosice, in the quarter-finals made it:

  1. Team Canada (eighteen points).
  2. Team Finland (sixteen points).
  3. The German team (fifteen points).
  4. Team USA (fourteen points).

And here's the first surprise of the world Cup – a modest Germans (on their account in recent years, only one-hockey achievement – reaching the final of the Olympic games-2018) unexpectedly walked on points of the representative of the "big six" and the current holder of bronze medals of the world championship – Americans. Otherwise no surprises. Except that Slovakia, which was well supported by local fans, could be a little better and to get into the playoffs. But the home team was short of three points.

Left the elite team UK and team from France. Such a turn few expected. "The Musketeers" looked a bit of confidence of the British. But are unable to defeat them during their confrontation.

Results in group B

The best team of the tournament in the preliminary stage can be safely called national team of Russia. This is the only team which won all seven games. Yes, and in the main time. And wards Ilya Vorobyov also the best difference of scored and missed washers (+29).

Together with the "red machine" list of quarterfinalists from eight in so:

  1. Team Russia (twenty-one).
  2. The Czech Republic (eighteen points).
  3. The Swedish national team (fifteen points).
  4. The Swiss team (twelve points).

That is, in the next stage of the competition came all the strongest members of the group. Fared well representatives of the national team of Latvia. But to get to the playoffs for the second time in a row they failed to nine points for it was not enough. But the Austrians completely out of the elite of world hockey. They failed to cope with world Cup debutants Slovakia – a team from Italy. So the Austrian national team was the worst in his eight, having scored just one point.

Important statistics world Cup 2019

On the system "goal + pass" best scorer of the tournament after the preliminary stage has become the representative of Sweden William Nylander, who scored seventeen points (five goals and twelve assists accurate). Fifteen points at the Russians Nikita Kucherov (6+9) and Czech Yakub Voracek (3+12).

Most goals scored Michael Frolic from the Czech Republic, Anthony manta from Canada and the representative of Russia Evgeny dadonov. Each of them has managed to score seven times.

The best goalkeepers yet are canadian, Carter, HART , and Russian , Andrey Vasilevsky. On account of the first 96.43% of the reflected throws and one dry match. Domestic goalkeeper 94.57% and two shutouts.

What's next?

It remains to wait for the results of all the matches of ¼ and find out who will play in the semifinals. Follow the news on our website and find out this information as quickly as possible.

Predictions for all the matches of world Cup hockey 2019 waiting for you here.


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