2019 IBU WCH in ice hockey: the results of the tournament


2019 IBU WCH in ice hockey: the results of the tournament

Quickly and quietly time passed from the tenth to the twenty-sixth of may. Died down fights the ice hockey world championship in Kosice and Bratislava. What will be remembered of this tournament? Whether justified hopes of fans, butorov, leading bookmakers and experts? Or some moments of the championship still managed to surprise even the most experienced hockey fans? All in good time.

What ended the preliminary stage of the world Cup-2019?

Even before the denouement of the Euro tour, it became clear, between whom will be a battle at the world Cup. First and foremost, the main contenders for medals were again representatives of the "big six hockey". And to compete with them could only a few teams that performed well in recent years. This, of course, was on the national teams of Switzerland (silver medalist at the world Championships in Denmark), Germany (silver medalist of the Olympics-2018) and Slovakia (the masters tournament).

Best of all, the distance of the preliminary stage was the Russian team. Seven wins in regulation time. The maximum number of points is twenty-one. The best difference of scored and missed goals. But what else to expect from such a lineup?

The second indicator in the first stage, gave the Canadians the leaders of group A. They have conceded just once and scored eighteen points. Second place in the eights took the Finns (sixteen points) and the Czechs (eighteen points). It is not surprising that these four teams were in the semi-finals. But more on that later.

Of taking a look of the official bookmakers expected that by the end of the group stage in the class will drop the French and the Austrians. They were the worst in their eights. And "the Musketeers", and "Eagles" in the most important and crucial meeting failed to cope with ddebutante elite division – the British and the Italians respectively. So, the next season the teams of France and Austria will take place in the first division.

The results of the quarterfinals

On the first stage of matches on a departure began a fierce struggle. The only match which ended predictably, was the defeat of the German team from the Czech team (5:1). "Red car" in a difficult match managed to cope with the United States already in the regular time (4:3). And the two remaining quarterfinals were not without extra time.

Team Finland managed to break in the third period during a confrontation with the then-current champion team from Sweden. The case went to overtime. And it is the Finns unexpectedly coped with their neighbors. As a result 5:4 in their favor.

A real tragedy happened in the match Canada – Switzerland. The crusaders led nearly the entire game. But in the last seconds of the third period, the legislators of the world hockey equalized, thereby showing his nature. But in overtime, the Canadians just Doge drooping of the Swiss, they in revenge for the defeat at the tournament in Denmark a year ago.

The results of the semi-finals

Being in a good mood, team Canada has left no stone unturned in ½ Chekhov. "Maple leaves" beat their opponent with the score 5:1. But in a parallel match something strange happened.

"Red machine" that consistently scoring a lot of goals, still can not to open the scoring in the Finns. The Scandinavians have imposed nominal hosts a tough game, full of struggle. In this viscous tactical battle, the Russians looked exhausted and almost helpless. They missed in the middle of the third period. And one washer "Suomi" was enough to get to the finals.

The result of the match for the third place

In the battle for third place converged on heris members of one group. And again, team Russia beat the Czechs. However, at this time to determine the winner took the overtime and the shootout. But it has shown itself luxuriously Andrey Vasilevsky, reflecting all strarry beats the Czechs. In the end, 3:2 and a bronze medal for the "red machine".

The results of the final

Very interesting was the case in the main match of the ice hockey world championship in Slovakia. Maple leafs managed to take the lead midway through the first period. But then on the ice was only one team. Finland evened the score and then brought the case to a victory in the regular time (3:1) and not allowing the Canadians at least a step closer to the trophy.

The best results for the world Cup 2019

Remember the winners of the medals:

  1. Finland – gold.
  2. Canada – silver.
  3. Russia – bronze.

Fourth place went to the team of Czech Republic.

The title of the best scorer of the tournament went to the Swede William Nylander (five goals and thirteen assists accurate). The best goalkeeper – the inimitable Russian, Andrey Vasilevsky.

MVP of the tournament earned mark stone from Canada. Among the best players, the organizers of the event called Vasilevsky Gronek and Kucherov.

What's next?

It is hoped that further world championship will be as well spectacular and unpredictable. After all this time, even the most experienced sportsbooks failed to predict the outcomes of Central games. Looking forward to the next tournament which will be held in Switzerland.


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