Finland – Canada, may 26, 2019


Finland – Canada, may 26, 2019

It's time for the main battle of the ice hockey world championship in Slovakia. Finland and Canada will battle it for the gold medal. Who is more worthy to be champion? Judging by the quotations of the bookmakers, the favourites are the representative of North America. Here only the Scandinavians already n proved that they are not afraid of any authority. But about all under the order.

Team Finland

Team Yucca Alanina started the tournament in Slovakia with a win over a serious opponent and very smoothly passed the preliminary stage. But still misfires "Suomen" was enough to finish the group second only. At the stage of the playoffs Finland dealt with the teams from Sweden (5:4 in overtime) and Russia (0:1).

Few expected that the Finns will cope with the "red machine". But thanks to the unconventional tactics they managed to keep their gates shut. But one goal was enough for them to reach the final. Now Finland will converge with another favorite of the world Cup 2019.

Team Canada

Maple leafs can't wait to win medals. Let began the performance at the tournament they misfire, all the same then the team Alain vigneault managed to gather and win all the remaining matches. First place in the group. Then a grueling quarterfinal against the Swiss. Then the removal of the Czechs in the semifinals. There remains only one step to the coveted medals.


The teams played each other in the first day of the tournament. And then Finland coped with the legislators of hockey. But now it will be a completely different game. Our forecast – a victory of team Canada. Still, the North American team a little stronger than his opponent at the championship.

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