Russia – Finland, 25 may 2019


Russia – Finland, 25 may 2019

The first semi-final of the world Cup 2019 will be played. Russia and Finland. Two representatives of the "big six". Who is worthy to continue struggle for a trophy? If you start from the statistics of the tournament and quotations of Russian bookmakers, in the final simply has to be "Red car". That's just whether it will allow her representatives in Northern Europe?

Team Russia

Wards Ilya Vorobyov make history in the eyes of the world. The coaching staff of the "red machine" was able to collect for the world championship in Slovakia almost a perfect composition, which is an alloy of experience and youth. Perhaps due to this (although not underestimate the work of teachers and other members of staff) Russia is carried out a preliminary stage for world Cup 2019.

And in the quarterfinals of the team looked convincing Americans. Although athletes from the United States and made the fans nervous. Will the Scandinavians to beat the representatives of the States? After all, in the first stage of the playoffs the opponent is the Russians never led throughout the match.

Team Finland

"Suomen" had a good preliminary round, losing only to representatives of Canada. But in the quarterfinals they had to face the current world champion team Sweden. Whether it is worth remembering that Finland was producing this victory? But now it's in the past.

The wards of Yucca Alanina getting ready to go out on the ice against the strongest team in the championship in Slovakia. Will they be able to oppose him anything?


Before the trip to the world Cup the Finns beat the Russians in the final round of the Eurotour. But it is also necessary to recall that in the previous three meetings of the competitions "Red car" was stronger. And now it looks much more impressive. Our forecast – the victory of the Russian team. Although Finland is not exactly going down without a fight, opaque hints at total over 3.5.

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