What is identification in the legal bookmaker and how to pass it?

What is identification in the legal bookmaker and how to pass it?

Что такое идентификация в легальной букмекерской конторе и как ее пройти?

Not so long ago in the Russian market of betting services the first domestic fully legal bookmaker. Their distinctive peculiarity is the work in accordance with Russian law. It, in turn, provides for reporting BK on all the received and calculated the rates before CUPIS, as well as the identification of each clients.

Thus, when registering in BC, you also need to register ZAPIS (cost Center interactive betting). The procedure of registration at the service and is called the identification of the player.

Passage identification


For completion of this procedure requires two steps:

  • First, to register any of BC, operating in the territory of Russia on legal grounds;
  • Second, to provide a passport for verification of data offline in the office of the bookie or in the salons of "Euroset" – the partner of BK.

For those who have an account identified in the payment system QIWI, some bookmakers offer the opportunity of registration without identification when used for calculations of QIWI wallet. For example, similar feature is implemented in BC "Leon".

Curiously, in some of the largest cities of Russia, e.g. Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, and other you can go through the identification procedure at home, calling for that person to himself.

Step by step instructions

After Russia's legalized betting on sports over the Internet, it took the transition to the new operating environment within which required mandatory identification of the clients of bookmakers. In fact, this procedure is necessary to confirm that the player is really a citizen of our country who are 18 years of age.

The identification process is carried out once, and the procedure is accessible and simple. In General, it is identical, but each bookmaker may be minor features and nuances.

For example, consider the identification of a few Bq


For office 1хСтавка:

  • Registration on the website of the office;
  • Contacting one of the offices of the bookmaker (in "Euroset" for 50 rubles, or in major cities to book the courier).

The procedure is performed in a few minutes. Not be amiss to have not only the passport, but was with SNILS.

For office Leon

Technically the procedure is identical, but given the lack of bookmaker's betting, for the registration of BK is focusing on identification through program QIWI.

After registering on the website is also required to visit the offices of Euroset, the company QIWI or transfer system Contact. A set of necessary documents is identical: passport, SNILS and INN. When you identify through QIWI enough to report the phone number which is registered in the electronic wallet.

To office League Betting

After registration on the website of the bookmaker and in CUPIS player receives (SMS) a unique code that must be called when you visit one of the many offices of "League Rates" throughout the country. Are for identification can also offices of "Euroset" and the Contact system.

After the authentication process is passed, the player has the option to Fund your wallet and proceed directly to the rates.



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