Dignitas completely disbanded its European part

Dignitas полностью расформировала свой европейский состав

Dignitas completely disbanded its European part

According to the portal the famous North American team Dignitas after a series of unsuccessful games I decided to completely abandon its European roster. Information about this decision took place some time after the European part Dignitas left gamers "AcilioN» (Asger Larsen) and "jkaem» (Melbostad).

The team completely fell apart

Dignitas reported that parted with regret from all of its European lineup and is already fully exempt former members of his team from any contractual obligations. The organization thanked the gamers for the fruitful cooperation and wishes them success in their future activities.

First steps in Hearthstone the European roster has done in 2014. This summer, contracts were signed with "Cookmysock» (Nick Lee), "Greensheep» (James Luo) and "Blackout» (Lewis Spencer). Over the next two years the team managed to win the Asia-Pacific Championship2015 HWC in the same year Dream Hack Valencia and in the following year of 2016, – Dream Hack Austin.

The current composition recruited in March 2017, while it was very promising, was not able to reach the level of former players of this team. The greatest success was the participation in PGL Major Krakow 2017 where the team was able to get to 3 places. However, she was unable to break into the prestigious Europe Minor - Boston 2018 and recently lost his first qualifying match on Dream Hack Winter 2017. This failure put an end to further stories Dignitas as a part "RUBINO», "fox», "lowel», "cromen» and coach "zEVES».


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