ELEAGUE Major 2018 will be held without TyLoo

ELEAGUE Major 2018 пройдет без TyLoo

ELEAGUE Major 2018 will be held without TyLoo

It is not excluded that the Chinese team TyLoo misses ELEAGUE Major 2018 due to visa issues in the US, the Indonesian team member Hansel «BnTeT"Ferdinand.

According to the coach Louisa «peacemaker"Tadeu claimed as a reserve in TyLoo the team of China may not be among the participants is scheduled for early January events. From the team at the official level stated there was nothing, and the message was soon removed by the athlete.

However, it is known that Louise said that at the moment it is unknown whether he will stand to replace BnTeT or not, as the unknown remains and the final decision on the participation of teams in the tournament. According to him, he often spoke of his reluctance to play in the team TyLoo he acts as coach and about his participation as a player to finally give the answer can not. He thanked the fans for their support and was soon deleted the entry.

Some time ago, information was published that visa issues have become an insurmountable obstacle to participation in competitions in Boston and Atlanta BnTeT. Today the issue of player substitution and generally the participation of the team in the championship remains open.

Eleague Major 2018

The rules of the Majors relate to the replacement player is only a man of the filed in application composition – Five the main and reserve player/mentor. At the time of application for participation in the tournament Louise «peacemaker"Tadeu was the coach of the team and therefore only he has the right to replace Hansel Ferdinand. Player old Brazilian school Louise «peacemaker"Tadeu in the composition TyLoo take part in the stage New Challengers where will have meetings with outsiders PGL Major Krakow 2017 and the finalists of the Minors for the spot in the next stage of a major.


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