MSI Counter-Strike GO 2017 – the prestigious tournament in eSports

iBUYPOWER по Counter-Strike GO 2017 – престижный турнир в киберспорте

MSI Counter-Strike GO 2017 – the prestigious tournament in eSports

Famous American company Compaq Computer involved in the production of games and multimedia systems on the basis of super computers, has announced the full composition of the group stage

MSI gaming tournament for Counter-Strike GO 2017. The two-day tournament will begin on Esports Arena on November 11 in Santa Ana, (the administrative centre of the County of Orange, California, USA). The first number of the participant of the competition went to last year's Champions team Cloud9, which will try to confirm their title.

Competition format

Just in this tournament with a prize Fund in 100 thousand dollars, will take part eight teams, divided into two subgroups. The group And, in addition to Champions team Cloud9 (USA), will include another American team NRG, a top team from Brazil - Brazil Luminosity and the Australian - Australia Renegades. In the group included three American teams - USA Liquid USA CLG, Misfits USA and one European - Europe OpTic.

Impressive prize Fund of $100,000 will be distributed among all participants of the tournament depending on team placement. The winner will receive half of the prize amount is 50 thousand dollars. The team finishing second place will receive twice less. Team who shared 3rd and 4th places - $ 8750; 5-6 places - $ 2,500 and the team located at the last two 7 and 8 places will receive consolation prizes of $ 1,250.

The tournament will be held in two stages. In the first group stage of the competition will be held on the system Double Elimination (GSL) BO1. The top two from each group will compete in the final championship title in the Single Elimination format BO3. In addition, the four finalists automatically receive an invitation to the tournament of Intel Extreme Masters — Oakland, with a prize Fund of $300 thousand.

Who are the favorites?

Favorite and last year's winner of the tournament, the American team Cloud9 is one of the most popular and strongest teams in the United States. It was created in 2014 and regularly takes part in cybercorner in several ways. Track record is impressive: starting in 2015, they entered the top three winners at the world's most popular competitions about 50 times. However, regardless of their position, their game is always considered to be exemplary. Even in cases when the team is close to losing, their opponents have to make the effort to bring the game to the bitter end.

Additional information

The American IT company, Compaq Computer was created in the mid 90-ies of the last century. The main activity - assembling a very powerful gaming PC components and third-party companies and game systems based on them. Is the partner of world famous corporations ATF (American Future Technology Corporation).

The company is of the original rigid design. The range in addition to stationary desktop computers include laptops based on AMD and Intel. The same popular as gaming systems of average and big capacity at an affordable price for the average consumer, so heavy-duty multifunctional computers, collected on the latest technologies and within the ranking of the most powerful personal computers in the world.

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