Team Ghost and Rogue will once again perform in Pro League ESL

Команды Ghost и Rogue вновь выступят в Про-Лиге ESL

Team Ghost and Rogue will once again perform in Pro League ESL

Players from the canadian team Ghost and their colleagues from Rogue (USA) became the winners of the selected games to the Pro League ESL. This allowed them not only in the future to speak at one of the most famous eSports tournaments but to protect its position in the North American division Pro League.

In the brackets the teams came such groups as GX (USA) and Rise Nation (Canada.) Both teams are finalists ESEA Premier S26 2017.

All matches except the first meeting between Ghost and Rise Nation ended with victories on two maps.

Seven spots in Pro League ESL the team will compete in the European division. I'll try my luck Ukrainian team Natus Vincere the team from Sweden GODSENT the Turks of Space Soldiers and the Balkan athletes eXtatus.

The qualifying tournament was to be held simultaneously with the games of the North American division, but due to bad weather conditions in new York are unable to fly the Swedes. In what format and when will award spots in the ESL Pro League it is not yet known.

In the European division while it's only one match, where he met players from Space Soldiers with the players on the team Natus Vincere. The Ukrainians had to play three cards to prove their superiority over the opponents from Turkey.

Today is the seventh season Pro-League ESL hit the following commands: North, FaZe, AGO, rong>LDLC, Astralis and several others.

Soon the organisers of qualifying tournaments must inform about the time and format of the final matches, giving the opportunity to participate in the prestigious tournament.


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