Determine the format for the finals Pro League 6th season

Определен формат проведения финалов Pro League 6-го сезона

Determine the format for the finals Pro League 6th season

Representative Electronic Sports League (Electronic sports League) reported on the composition of the participants of the qualifying tournament Pro League S6. When determining the format was used by the new system of seeding teams participating in subgroups A and B.

The members of teams in accordance with the new conditions, obtained the right to independently determine the composition of their subgroups. In the process of determining the final composition of each of them exclude one of the seeded teams in A or b, which is thus automatically passed to the other subgroups. The first use of this right, received the Champions SA and SE qualifications team Europe OpTic and Fnatic.

The finals of the sixth season ESL Pro League will be held from December 5 to 10 in Danish Playground Sparekassen Fyn Arena the city of Odense. The right to play in the final tournament had 12 teams (6 from the us and European qualification), which won the online qualifying tournaments in their divisions. The prize will be 750 thousand dollars. Group games will be held in the grid Round Robin BO1 (to the score of 2-0 or 2-1). The strongest teams of the groups A and b will play the tournament playoff on the Olympic system shootout.

The seeding of the teams by sub-group gave the following distribution:

Group A - Fnatic, Luminosity (Brazil), Europe FaZe, Europe HellRaisers, Liquid (Holland), Astralis (Denmark.)

Group - Europe OpTic (European Union), NRG (North America), SK (Germany), Misfits (North America), NiP (Sweden), North (Denmark.)

<strong>the Winner will receive 225 thousand dollars;

- silver medalist at 100 thousand dollars;

- 3rd and 4th place - 60 thousand dollars;

for 5 and 6 place - for 45 thousand dollars;

for 7 and 8 place - 40 thousand dollars;

for 9 and 10 place for 35 thousand dollars;

for 11-12 place for 32.5 thousand dollars.


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