Blizzard return Warcraft 3?

Blizzard возвращают Warcraft 3?

Blizzard return Warcraft 3?

Finally, the developers of the highly successful company listened to its customers (or just came to mind?) and decided to create a miracle! In short, "Blizzard" presented at the test server one of the best strategies in the history of game making patch 1.29. And he made a lot of drastic changes to the gameplay. First and foremost, this:

  • the total number of players on one map was increased to twenty-four;
  • improved support for Full HD displays, so there is no need to worry about resolution and other nuances display the gameplay on the monitor or TV screen;
  • radically changed the balance on most maps;
  • parikshan, the imbalance of heroes, which had a distinct advantage compared to the rest;
  • radically changed work the map editor.

And that's just the key changes on which they should focus.

What is the result?

It is possible that thus Blizzard wants to renew the interest of gamers to Warcraft 3. And the release of the new patch is just the beginning. Eminent publishers also decided to collect a number of well-known gamers in the tournament which will be held soon. And is attracting the attention of the company to many of the forgotten game is clearly no accident. The network already rumors that either the "Blizzard" will roll out to the public Warcraft 3 Remastered, or even announce the long-awaited fourth part of the cult strategy. Although the second option is unlikely. At least, due to the advancement of World of Warcraft.

In any case, gamers have something to think about in the near future. And those who got the CD with Warcraft 3 before the advent of Steam, will not prevent how to dig to the dusty shelves in search of a long-forgotten optical media.


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