Medusa returns to Dota 2

Medusa возвращается в Dota 2

Medusa returns to Dota 2

At the time, the hero Medusa was one of the most unpopular players Dota2. Suffice it to say that the value of its public was not more than 5%. Then the developers abandoned it as an unnecessary character. Now she returns with this new patch 7.07 and new features of the character.

If earlier Medusa presented a serious danger for opponents only in the second half of the game, and provided that the player will have enough time to farm. But its always not enough. Made to the character and the game changes now allow owners Medusa feel more comfortable at the early stages of the game.

The updates of the character

In particular Split Shot now a number of passive skills that can affect the goal of complete damage, albeit reduced to 325% of the value of the hero's attack (before 400%). While the developers managed to improve the focus on the goal, which allows for better feel in combat. Damage fewer enemies and less damage, but a large part is sent to the object of attack.

Has provided developers Medusa and new talent, and their direct link with the buff significantly increases the probability of winning in battle. For example, at level 10 you can choose for the hero an additional 25 points of damage. After five levels, you can get 30 units for speed, while earlier no more than 20 points. More effective were the talents, and at high levels.

In General we can say that the new talents and abilities improve the ability Medusa at the farm, and in the end to kill the hero would be a big problem, except that using the disable. Especially the character in fights where speed is not very high.

If Medusa is in the hands of a skilled player, and lived 30 minutes of the game, to win it is almost impossible.</p>


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