Mini-update came out for Dota2

Мини-обновление появилась для Dota2

Mini-update came out for Dota2

Popular multiplayer game Dota2 received another update released by the game developers of the 13th of November. The new patch features a small size and weighs only 28.5 MB. His appearance was largely unplanned, as it was intended to resolve the only bug that has manifested itself at the most inopportune moment.


Game error appeared in final game the qualifying battle between the teams Natus Vincere and Team Empire. And there have been a bug in the last map. As a result, the match even had to stop and restart the round. Such excess can be considered a serious blunder, as it happened in front of a large number of spectators watching the match.

The only incident in the game change is the aforementioned bug that caused the "departure" of the game in the final qualification. In particular, an error occurred in the event when the hero Shadow Demon combined two spells, applying Demonic Purge over Phantom Lancer. New version of the game is devoid of this problem and does not cause any problems when you activate such spells.

The rest of the game remained without any change and ready to delight fans Dota2 vivid impressions and exciting battles.

Recall that recently appeared information about the possible existence in Dota2 four additional characters that are still under development. To such opinion of the independent experts on the basis of studying the list of characters placed in Rabbit. In particular they noticed a pass in four numbers in the list of heroes.


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