Update 7.07 with a patch for Dota 2 on the 18 of November of the current year

Обновление патч 7.07с для Dota 2 от 18 ноября текущего года

Update 7.07 with a patch for Dota 2 on the 18 of November of the current year

In the night from 17 to 18 November developers Valve updated client Dota 2. This was done before new rating game of the season. Changes made in patch 7.07, were so many and they were so complicated that even experienced players to understand the innovations easy. The most interesting updates that affect the competitive scene, experienced players consider the following changes.

1.Map change

The landscape maps were taken from the sanctuary and now to recover, would have to get to the fountain, the treating is better than in the previous version. The mid players and Kerry lost the ability to deal with them with the ancient. The supports-four now easier to steal the enemy's rune of wealth, and the right route will help to seriously improve the economy.

2.Life supports

By updating the core subjects support the gamers will have to thoroughly change the start purchases. The courier cost has doubled from hundreds of gold to 200. Rose Smokey and the wards, and even tango began to cost 25 gold more expensive for this is now given an additional charge, which can be used 5 times. At the start of the game after the updates, you can get a free teleport. Most of the original artifacts were worth 10-15 kopecks cheaper. Killing an enemy hero, you can get 4 times more experience (100).

3.The life of mid players

In updates removed additional crypts and changed the amount of experience that affect a personal confrontation. Now creatures for ranged and melee attack are the same and the updated version should be able to reach all Union, not only to the most valuable. Bottle now using the courier to refill fail.


The updated version has removed all the unique modificatora attack. You cannot get the desired effect, shifting the backpack artifacts. Also got rid of complex mechanics.

Important changes you need to know about:

- glyph now has offensive and defensive function;

copies of the received function to restore health and manna;

- there artifact KAU that gives a 16 intelligence, reduce the cost of spells and increase their power;

- there are new mechanics "of resistance to buff-lifting attacks»;

- there artifact Meteor Hammer able to attack buildings;

- hero Echoslam now maybe one and a half times more damage compared to Echo;

- Morphling became effective and the new version with 4 positions closer to the role of support;

- Faceless Void the talent level 25 the game returned passive ability Backtrack;

- Io for heroes be even more valuable;

- redesigned the characters remain in Captains Mode.


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