Team Secret goes to Perfect World in the new line

Team Secret отправляется на Perfect World в обновленном составе

Team Secret goes to Perfect World in the new line

Team Team Secret slated to perform soon at the tournament Perfect World Masters announced the replacement of one of the players. In a statement the representatives of the collective message States that make participation in competitions can not, Zheng he, known as MidOne. Instead, the "secret" will be the Chinese Chen Tianyou, acting under the name of the game Cty.

The reasons for replacement

As the cause of unexpected replacement called personal Affairs, which the player, and not suffering the opportunity to defer their decision until a later date. At the same time in Team Secret noted that the replacement will not affect the playing schedule of a team within Perfect World.

We will remind that already on 19 February the "secret" was to hold its first two meetings in the tournament, after fighting against the well-known representatives in the world Dota2 teams' LGD and Mineski representing China and the Philippines, respectively.

On the second day of the 20th of November the team has scheduled two more meetings, their opponents should be the Polish team Kinquim and Chinese NewBee.

Recall that to date Chen «Cty"Tianyou stood for world's most famous Chinese team EHOME. This season, the team did not show himself on the big stage, and her only significant success it is possible to recognize the qualification for the tournament class minor WESG-2017 where the team was the winner.

We can only guess how quickly the newcomer will join the European gaming team, and not will this impact negatively on the performance of Team Secret.


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