In CIS there is a 10K player Ramzes666

В СНГ появился 10К игрок Ramzes666

In CIS there is a 10K player Ramzes666

Player Ramzes666 (Roman Kushnaryov) became the fourth gamer in the world and the first in the vast CIS who leapt over 10000 MMR. Despite the fact that the players who win Nine thousand qualifying points appear quite often, reaching round 10-thousandth mark is a rare phenomenon. Moreover, the novel may have been the last holder of such achievements, because very soon plan to upgrade world kibersportivnogo rating system.

For Ramzes666 this record CIS was the second in his career. The previous record for countries CIS 9000 MMR he set in August last year. And if this achievement it took him six months, then the next record, a thousand points Roman had to spend a year, during which he managed to win many tournaments and find your champion's play style.

Only in the month of October of the current year Ramzes666 participated in 112 rating tournaments, it was able to win in the first major outbreak of the season. Sceptics, remembering the sad experience of the gamer Abed Abed USEPA spent enough time checking of winrates. However, nothing alarming could not be found, as the novel last month, managed to win 65% of the cards. However, a screenshot of the final games on the way to the cherished 10K revealed that a gamer shows almost zero flexibility, using about 20 different characters in the past 50 matches. He played in all lines: easy, mid and hard lane.

For decisive games 10K qualifying points BolelliKi watched the stream 24/7. They first congratulated the Affair with the record. They were joined by all-known domestic players, analysts and commentators, including leading matches ESL E. Nieman.


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