Holokausta: Treasury without cost

Холодрыжество: сокровищница без затрат

Holokausta: Treasury without cost

Frostivus (Holokauston) is back! This news Valve Corporation has shared on its official website.

The return event was perceived very ambiguous, sometimes it was said that new year's holidays such a "gift" spoiled completely.

What in practice?

Our heroes, idly spend time in the cozy security of the Ancient lights, long waited horrible time of Otologist and Wraith-Night. However, in modern times they decided to show that the spirit of Frostivus can rise out of past days, for which several heroes had to unite.

To start the new season in the latest update added the newest treasure of Frostivus – Frostivus Treasure, which contains 18 sets produced by the community. In addition, there was a considerable probability of infrequent sets for Batrider Batrider, it is extremely rare for Wraith King Wraith King rare set for Puck Puck.

Well, what kind of Holokaustu can speak without gifts?! In the coming year any gamer gets a good opportunity to earn one free treasures, without making any new action from the word "quite"! It's simple enough: to declare their right to the prize is enough to become a winner in three games.

сокровища Холодрыжество 2017

Now, to enhance the festive mood and the resurrection of the tradition of the truce, all are invited to become participants in the special event, Frostivus. You have to take turn to participate in competitions with their friends and completely strangers in a madcap cycle, where the games are selected randomly for each of the matches from a large pool. These.ive heard a will help to maintain the acquired skills, not ruined the holiday mood!

Party under the name VicFrank became the winner of the competition customar in honor of Frostivus and won 30 thousand dollars, said Valve, congratulating the lucky one.


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