Cheat and optimization. Improved new patch PUBG

Античит и оптимизация. Что улучшил новый патч PUBG

Cheat and optimization. Improved new patch PUBG

Twenty four Jan on test server game Playerunknow''s Battlegrounds was installed a new patch, the appearance of which was announced on the official website of the developer a bit earlier. Update improved methods of dealing with cheaters, as well as optimized client and server through the distribution of all the users at several entry points in the location.

As noted by the developers, they will continue work on optimization of their product by controlling all aspects of the game that affect the gameplay.

античит pubg

The developers say about the new Antichita method against cheaters. Of course, according to them, the technology is not yet fully finalized, and the company warns that the game may now not be compatible with some configurations of personal computers that will cause crashes. If this happens, please make a screenshot of the error and send it to the creators PUBG.

Changed a bit the gameplay. Increased the number of points where the players start the battle. Also, the developers have removed all the weapons that you can take in the beginning of the match on one of the starting locations.

Fixed a global bug that allowed players to jump from the supine position.

Made less visible correction. For example, the game now uses a new font for some languages, including Russian.

PUBG – became one of the most selling games for the XBOX over the past year, despite all her shortcomings and significant bugs.


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