A new patch for PUBG will be installed on 25 January

Новый патч для PUBG будет установлен 25 января

A new patch for PUBG will be installed on 25 January

Recently, the company developed one of the most popular games (according to sales) for XBOX for Two thousand seventeen year announced a new patch that will solve some of the problems in the game, optimizes the server and client parts, as well as introduce new technology to combat cheating.

Yesterday, Twenty four Jan, this patch was installed on the test servers, where users were able to observe the changes in the game and try it for yourself.

The main game client should be updated today. According to information from the official website of the company involved in the development Playerunknown''s Battlegrounds that work was to begin in Five am GMT, and the duration should not exceed two hours, so in the morning all the fans PUBG will be able to login to your game account.

pubg new patch

New patch reduced the load on the server part by the distribution of players on the map, that is now in the beginning of the match they will be on one starting position in several predetermined locations.

  • New system anti-cheat, which, of course, according to the developers, is still under testing and refinement.

  • Fixed bugs. Before this patch a major bug in PUBG was able to make the jump from lying position, which is contrary to the existing laws of physics.

  • Also removed all the weapons from the starting island, which players were able to take at the beginning of each round.

How successful was the testing of the next patch on test servers to be able to say a little later, when the players feel it novovo


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