A new patch for PUBG pleased the players with the two chests

Новый патч для PUBG порадовал игроков двумя сундуками

A new patch for PUBG pleased the players with the two chests

Developers PUBG (PlayerUnknown''s Battlegrounds) issued a press release in which it announced its plans for the near future. At the beginning of this year the company PUBG Corporation involved in the development of the game , spoke about the release of a new patch, which should not only fix existing bugs and defects, but add in-game content (including chests).

Apparently, fans PUBG will test soon on my own to practice the new update. Nine Jan in test client patch appeared larger than Six GB.

To the output of the patch the developers have not prepared any review about future updates. Try change the players, too, will fail; to date, all test servers were offline.

Until the gaming community has reached only a small fraction of innovations. So some of its members managed to find in PlayerUnknown''s Battlegrounds two new chest and explore the contents of one.

Users have suggested that to open these chests can only be using the keys intended for Gamescom Invitational Crate. This information came from the developers of the game.

Let's hope that in a short time PUBG Corporation fans more information about the recent patch.

PlayerUnknown''s Battlegrounds – game-style battle Royal, which appeared in Two thousand seventeen year. Despite the large number of errors, deficiencies and bugs, it ranks in the top five leaders in sales among the console games to Xbox.


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