Review the new light machine gun the DP-28 manual from WackyJacky101

Обзор нового пулемета DP-28 инструкция от WackyJacky101

Review the new light machine gun the DP-28 manual from WackyJacky101

When to use the gun in PlayerUnknown''s Battlegrounds and when it becomes ineffective? In the second game update, a lot has changed, it introduced new weapons - machinegun DP-28 and assault rifle AUG. The gun can appear at any point of the island, at that time, as a rifle can only be found in the discharged from the air container.

Briefly about the gun

The weapon has no slots for expansion, besides, the gun only supports 4 sight: holographic, TWO and FOUR and Red Dot. As the return is relatively low, it is acceptable, but in the standard shop fit 47 ammo, so the expanded store is not required. But for reloading, you need a lot of time, so be ready should be another weapon.

The main feature DP-28 is the low muzzle velocity and a pretty low rate of fire, it is inherent in all weapons PUBG ammunition of 7.62 caliber. WackyJacky101 notes that the weapon damage approximately at the level of AKM.

When to use?

A machine gun with a holographic sight or Red Dot is a handy weapon in PUBG. This is due to the combination of two factors: the weak impact and the low rate that enables monitoring of the machine gun. WackyJacky101 advised to release the queue for 5 bullets, with a small scatter.

What distance is recommended?

Better to use a machine gun with a scope Red Dot at a distance of 30-200m and with an eye FOUR 100-300m. for smaller distances are better assault rifles with high rate of fire or submachine guns.

At PooleETA Red Dot No. Semi-auto mode, but with single fire at medium and long range difficulties arise due to low rate of fire. Also this type of weapon should pay attention to difficulties in controlling the recoil of the weapon. The main disadvantage of a machine gun, according to the compiler of the guide, is the lack of expansion slot underneath the muffler.

WackyJacky101 expressed the opinion that gun DP-28 well established with sub-machine guns (such as Vector) and sniper rifles (Mini-14). But he also said that everyone should focus on their preferences. The expert concluded that DP-28 its parameters are very good.



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