In PUBG gaining popularity another cheat

В PUBG набирает популярность очередной чит

In PUBG gaining popularity another cheat

Each new day brings in cheaters PUBG new opportunity. If last year's gameplay, it was possible to spoil only a small amount of cheating programs, such as AimBot and Wallhack now fans of foul play appeared more advanced techniques.

The player under the nickname Reddit he faced at the time of the games phenomenon when his opponent instantly regained their stamina, and then was able to lift his wounded «brother's"that is also completely restored to health.

In the topic discussing a new cheat, users say that it exists for several weeks and every day it becomes more and more popular among players PUBG.

The company developed one of the most popular games for XBOX sit back not going. Recently, they announced a new patch for Playerunknown''s Battlegrounds that in addition to some innovations and bug fixes to provide updated technology anti-cheat to counter cheaters.

According to developers this will allow you to immediately block order One hundred of thousands of users. But the gaming community offers more drastic measures — exclude from PUBG all the Chinese players like the most active fans to use forbidden software during the game.

In addition to the next patch, the developer PUBG together with law enforcement agencies of China started a real war with cheaters. Recently, the Chinese media reported about the arrest One hundred twenty the person responsible for bitabode cheat software.


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