Formula 1: Daniel ricciardo wins Grand Prix of China


Formula 1: Daniel ricciardo wins Grand Prix of China

Even experienced bookmakers were not expecting such developments in the third stage of this season's f-1 in Shanghai. Especially after the first two places on the starting grid was taken by representatives of Ferrari and Vettel Raikkonen, and the second number of "occupied" the pilots Mercedes, Bottas and Hamilton. But ricciardo, starting from sixth position, next to his companion on Red Bull, max Verstappen, all of a sudden managed to climb from sixth position on the first. Though not without a little luck.

What was it like?

On the eve of the race, the best time after qualifying showed the pilots Ferrari. But Mercedes and red bull still hoped to increase the speed of their cars due to proper selection of rubber. Also, an important role in the balance of power could provide the number of pit stops. Although few believed that the racers will be able to overcome all fifty-six laps of the track in Shanghai with just one replacement tyre.

At the very start of the race Bottas managed to get past Raikkonen. But Hamilton unexpectedly lost Verstappen. Then the mechanics of the Red Bull showed himself during the paired pit stop, when both the pilot visited the pits with a difference of just a few seconds. And then on the road started these swing.

It was not clear what tactics will choose the leaders. In the end, almost frequent after the start of the race because of a collision went Out and Hartley the track out the safety car, which again confused the cards to the representatives of all the teams. And then ricciardo made an unbelievable pass, leaving behind its competitors.

Meanwhile, Vettel much has passed in the speed after a collision with Verstappen – too aggressive Max tried to attack the German. In the end, the Aussie finished first. And on the podium with him was up with Bottas and Raikkonen. Verstappen managed to finish fourth, Hamilton fifth. But Vettel whenwent on to finish only eighth, behind of Hulkenberg and Alonso.

Personal credit

In the struggle of the pilots Vettel yet holds the lead with fifty-four points. Hamilton is gaining forty-five points and getting closer to its main rival in the fight for the title. But Bottas gaining forty points and closes the top three. The winner of the Grand Prix of China, Riccardo, rising to fourth place in the standings with thirty seven points. And the top five pilots after three races this season Raikkonen, the asset is thirty points.

The Cup of designers

Among the stables in the first place is Mercedes AMG Petronas Motorsport, picking up after China's eighty-five points. The Ferrari has only point less – eighty-four. Closes the three leaders Red Bull Racing. Their pilots, in total, brought his team to fifty-five points.

What is the result?

Teams are still trying to achieve a perfect condition of the cars and getting used to the new tires. Fans should please that fact that no clear dominance of any of the stables. And two weeks to the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan, the situation may change dramatically even. The forecasts for all future stages of the current Formula 1 championship you will find in the corresponding section of our website.


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