Formula 1: Grand Prix of Azerbaijan wins Hamilton


Formula 1: Grand Prix of Azerbaijan wins Hamilton

Few of the leading bookmakers believed that after the conquest of the pole in qualifying, Vettel will give the victory in Azerbaijan to some of the competitors. But the race in Baku gave the pilots and stables with many surprises. Someone lucky and someone fortune and is turned away.

What was it like?

Starting from the first row Vettel and Hamilton joined in the fight. Right behind them raced the cars of Bottas and ricciardo. However, then came the first crash (had to go Sirotkin, the rest suffered less) and the appearance on the track the safety car.

Further events developed rapidly. Peres sharply upward. Vettel broke away from Hamilton. And then on the fortieth round, something strange happened – with each other fought both pilots of Red Bull. In the end Riccardo entered not inferior to him Verstappen and both drivers were forced to leave the track, where once again came the pace car. While Grosjean managed to crash into the wall during the burnout. In the end, to restart was in the lead, Bottas, but due to the explosion of the right rear wheel at the forty-ninth round match and he.

The first finished Hamilton. With him on the podium Raikkonen and suddenly Perez of Force India. Vettel only fourth. And the fifth was a science in Reno.

Personal credit

Leadership yet Hamilton is seventy points. The Briton is ahead of Vettel by four points. They are followed by Raikkonen (forty-eight points) and Bottas (forty points). Riccardo fifth with thirty seven points.

The Cup of designers

Ferrari re-passes the Mercedes because of the gathering of Bottas. However, the gap between the two main contenders for the constructors ' championship is just four points the Scuderia one hundred and fourteen points, and Mercedes – hundred and ten. But Red Bull, which occupies in the ranking the third position, due to an unexpected aboutthe shaft has been held only fifty-five points. Another such failure and the team will be able to beat McLaren (thirty-six points) or Renault (thirty-five points).

What is the result?

After four races of the season, the intrigue alive as ever. And, as statistics shows, on the catwalk at certain coincidence of circumstances can rise and the pilots not the top teams. Drivers from McLaren, Renault or Force India is able to influence the outcome of the struggle between Mercedes, Ferrari and "Bulls".

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