Ajax and Juventus draw draw


Ajax and Juventus draw draw

In the first game of the Champions League ¼ Ajax managed to win in Amsterdam after the goal, Ronaldo late in the first half. The fate of vouchers in the semi-finals will be decided in Italy. But for now let's remember the match in the Netherlands.

The first half

As predicted by professional and experienced bookmakers, actively began the Turin club. Already in the opening meeting Bernardeschi emptied his gun, but missed the target hosts. Ajax quickly calmed down, drawn into the rhythm and began to act more and more active. And not only their goal and on half the Old lady. That's just to score is not reached.

However, at the forty-fifth minute a cross from Cancela reached Ronaldo, who in the fall opened the account. Time to fight back before the break, the hosts were gone.

The second half

But Ajax elegant continued the game after the break. Neves managed to beat Cancela, after which the Brazilian luxurious blow struck the gate of the guests. 1:1 in the forty sixth minute. The intrigue alive!

But still, despite the abundance of chances from both sides neither team was unable to come forward. Closer to the victory was Juventus. At the eighty-sixth minute of the coast and all managed to wind several opponents and shoot at goal. Onan was powerless. But to help ward Eric ten Haga came bar. So 1:1 and look forward to continuing in Turin.

What's next?

Away the Dutch will have to play without Tagliafico who made this meeting a shot. Yes, and Juventus at home will feel much more confident. So keep up the great confrontation with impatience.

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