Ajax beat Tottenham away


Ajax beat Tottenham away

In the first semifinal match of the Champions League-2019 Ajax was able to deal with clients, Pochettino. Tottenham minimal loses in London. A number of Russian bookmakers predicted a similar outcome with a high probability. Let's remember the key moments of Tuesday's confrontation.

The first half

It is possible that we could see on the lawn of the new stadium, "Spurs" completely different team if not for the injury to Harry Kane and the disqualification of son Heung-min. The decapitated the hosts ' attack struggled trying to keep up with the nimble guests but that they were able not always. So the goal scored by van de Beek after the transfer from Siena became more regularity than blind luck.

After conceding a goal, Tottenham have tried to return the game under control. But Pocettino was not able to find the right options to score the team's ten Haga.

The second half

After a rest, the situation practically has not changed. Londoners are becoming increasingly nervous. But Ajax were playing for fun and could have scored more. For example, at the seventy-eighth minute Nerea hurt to double the score does not Lloris or defenders of the "Spurs", and the right woodwork French Keeper. But the final whistle sounded at the moment when the scoreboard and adorned with figures of 0:1.

What's next?

Both coaches are confident that this confrontation is far from over. Ticket to the final will be in the pocket of those who best prove themselves in the return leg in the Netherlands. And it's going to happen in the near environment, that is, the eighth of may.

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