Ajax managed to beat Juventus in Turin


Ajax managed to beat Juventus in Turin

Ajax dealt with the "Old lady" on its territory with the score 1:2 and walks in the Champions League semi-final. Let's remember how it was. After all not every day an outsider, according to quotes , the official bookmakers, the favorite wins with such confidence.

The first half

Anticipated already in the opening meeting the team of Massimiliano Allegri tried to take the game under their control. And "the Zebras" at first, it even worked. Here only the representatives of the Netherlands was definitely not going to be whipping boys. They are actively snapped. But clear-cut chances dealing with both sides of the n reached the middle of the first sorokapyatiletnyaya. And then the arena went Ronaldo. Cristiano miraculously was left alone in the penalty area in the corner. And he was not the target after a pass from Pjanic. 1:0.

But to celebrate the owners did not stay long. Already at the thirty-fourth minute, van de Beek a great shot on goal Szczesny. 1:1. Then the teams continued to exchange the dangerous moments, but to come forward so no one and failed.

The second half

But after the break Ajax added significantly, than has surprised not only his fans, but all fans at the Allianz stadium. Young guys from Amsterdam felt on the lawn of the Turin arena is extremely confident and not shy to play in front of more experienced representatives of the Italian giants. In the end, their persistence and activity bore fruit. After drawing standard on the sixty seventh minute De Ligt sent a leather shell in gate of owners. 1:2.

On Ajax continued to attack, and Juventus completely floated. Guests repeatedly been closer to a third goal than Juventus to equalise. But the match ended with a minimal advantage amsterdamtsev.

What's next?

Ajax triumphant return in the Champions League after years of absence. Moreover, the Dutch were the first club in the history of the tournament, which is in the playoffs and beat real and Juventus on their territory. And then the semi-finals with the London Tottenham, a game which does not look perfect.

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