Chelsea defeated Arsenal in the final LE of the 2018/19 season


Chelsea defeated Arsenal in the final LE of the 2018/19 season

So ended the first European final this season. Chelsea and Arsenal played each other in the capital of Azerbaijan. How did the meeting between the London teams, who have been more fortunate in this confrontation? Did you get quotes from leading bookmakers or the victory of one of the teams was a surprise? All in good time.

The first half

Even before the start it became clear that the advantage is likely to be on the side of "Retired". They were preparing to go out on the lawn of the Olympic stadium in the optimal structure. Even Ngolo Kant managed to fully recover after injury. But Arsenal's main problem could be the absence of Ramsey and Mkhitaryan. Although emery has had enough players who can replace these guys and others.

In the opening match, neither team was in no hurry to go forward at breakneck speed. The teams chose to slowly roll the ball in the midfield, just to avoid errors and to avoid scrap. And most of the round was owned by Arsenal. But to get to the gate "Blue" representatives of the North London haven't been able.

But in the second half, the team of Maurizio Sarri has gained speed and smoothly took the initiative. That's just to score the thing never reached.

The second half

After a break the speed increased even more. Rivals understand that you have to take risks. Otherwise score will not work. Once again, the Chelsea players looked better and better. And Giroud scored in the forty ninth minute. Arsenal looked a little confused. "Retired," took it very quickly. Pedro at the sixtieth minute doubled the score, and later, Azar brought him to devastating, having fairly appointed a penalty in gate "the Arsenal".

At the sixty-ninth minute Iwobi, which replaced the TorrEuro slightly reduced the gap, making the score 3:1. But more "Gunners" is not enough. But hazard still managed to seal his brace. Final score 4:1 in favor of "Retired".

The results of the final LE

Chelsea is helping Surrey to win the first trophy in his career. Arsenal failed to get into the Champions League. Unai emery for the first time, losing in the final of the LE. And the world learned the winner of the first competition in this season. And hardly anyone would deny that "Blue" has won deservedly.


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