The results of the 1/8 LE of the 2018/19 season


The results of the 1/8 LE of the 2018/19 season

It became known to all the quarter-finals of the Europa League this season. Krasnodar and Zenit, not one of them. Although the official bookies give good odds for Russian clubs to pass to the next stage. Who else left the draw at this stage, and how generally ended each of the response matches the one-eighth finals LE?

Dinamo To Chelsea

Kiev was again destroyed "Retired". This time at the Olympic stadium. And with even more big score – 0:5. While Chelsea didn't even Higuain himself, who was considered their main scoring force in the Premier League in recent matches. And hazard on the pitch in Kiev did not come out. What is the result? 0:5. And a hat-trick, Olivier Giroud.

RB Salzburg – Napoli

Classy football played by the Austrians. Even despite the fact that they have virtually no chance to come back from three down after losing on the road. Thanks to Milik Napoli took the lead. It is necessary to praise Salzburg for the fact that the team did not stop even in extra time. But still 3:1 for they were too few to defeat the Italians.

Krasnodar – Valencia

Sad that the Bulls failed to show a more attacking football at home. They looked good in General. Notably the goal Suleymanov, who will adorn this season's LE. That's just to finish, both teams are required before the final whistle. In this component turned out to be stronger in Valencia.

Arsenal – Rennes

At home they had to win after a painful defeat in the minority on the road (3:1). And it was not difficult to pull the handicap of the "Red-black" home stadium Emirates.

Already by the fifteenth minute, Arsenal led with the score 2:0. And in the second half Aubameyang has scored twice. On which you responded with... Nothing. Next step British. Deservedly so.

Benfica – Dinamo Z

In the first match of the Croats, they narrowly defeated the Portuguese. So they desperately needed a victory. That's just in regulation time, the eagles did just enough to equalise. But they showed character in front of their fans and survived. Not only survived, but scored twice in overtime. A well-deserved pass team Bruno Lage in the quarterfinals of the LE.

Villarreal – Zenit

St. Petersburg openly merged the Europa League. But as you can still talk about wards Sergei Semak after 1:3 at home and 2:1 away? The names of this team just had to go unstable Villarreal. That's just the Spaniards showed their character. A "blue-white-Blue" – no. Well, at least Ivanovic scored a goal of prestige on the road already added second half minute.

Inter – Eintracht Frankfurt

"Nerazzurri" are clearly experiencing not the best times. The fight for the bronze in the native championship. And such uncertain game on the home field in Euro cups. And not for the first time. Still could be the team Luciano Spalletti to win. Even after conceding in the sixth minute. More precisely, after conceding a goal at the very start of the home game. But no. Frankfurt goes on.

Slavia – Sevilla

Few were willing to bet on a home win in this game. But they have repeatedly shown themselves to LE best side in this season's Eurocup. And here again is a small miracle. Two implemented a penalty at the end of the first half. And three goals in extra time. And a miracle on the one hundred and nineteenth minute. Slavia goes on.


Forecasts for the remaining Europa League matches are waiting for you here.


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