The League of Nations: England ranks third


The League of Nations: England ranks third

In the first draw of the League of Nations, England was able to cope with Switzerland only in post-match penalty shootout to win the bronze medal. Long before the start of the match for the third place of the largest bookmakers called the team of Southgate favorites. But few of them anticipated that the team will not be able to identify the winner until the bumps from the point.

The first half

Both coaches tried to put on the field estádio do sport Lisboa e Afonso Henriques of their best players. Is that Southgate was a little surprised by entrusting the place to start Jesse Lingard. However none of the teams were not going to rush headlong forward. Whether tired after a challenging season, or the teams still have the opportunity to take third place and get some medals.

Clearly, however, it seemed that the second time in a row to lose the bronze after losing to Belgium for the 2018 world Cup, the British were not going to. Well kissed the ball Harry Kane, but his shot was denied by the crossbar. Both teams periodically tried to move the stranger of free space, but a large force forward was not. The zeros on the scoreboard.

The second half

After the game resumed again and the team of Petkovic, and their opponents could get ahead. And at the end of normal time the British actually succeeded. Wilson reacted to the bounce of the ball after hitting the Case, caught the crossbar, and sent round to the gate Sommer. But the referee, after reviewing the video replay, the goal was rightly cancelled. All those zeros on the scoreboard after ninety minutes of intense play.


Has not changed the situation in extra time. It looks like the team gradually was getting ready to break strikes with the point. Or on the quality of the attack has simply not had the strength nor the Swiss, nor the British. In any case, the heads of the fans in Portugal have not seen. Although closer to success wouldLa team of Southgate. But in that moment, when it could decide one accurate strike, attacks of both teams there were no leaders who can lead the team forward.

Penalty shoot-out

To the "football lottery" both teams came with maximum attitude. And it started perfectly. The first five strokes and the British, who started the Swiss holds exactly. For representatives of Foggy Albion scored Maguire, Barkley, Sancho, sterling and Pickford, who, as it turned out, not only on the gate stand is able. For Switzerland scored Zuber, xhaka, Akanji, Mbabu and cher. Then Dyer put the British ahead. But Pickford pulled a shot of Domica. 5:6. And third place goes to England.

To summarize

Wards Gareth Southgate quite rightly won the bronze medal in a new championship under the auspices of UEFA. They were slightly better than their counterparts and had to achieve victory in regulation time, as predicted by the leading bookmakers. It is quite possible that the England team third place in the League of Nations was a bit more necessary. And Fortuna has listened to the pleas of British fans who can't win any trophy for many years. One can only hope that with such a star cast the British will succeed in future competitions.


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