The League of Nations: Portugal becomes the first holder of the trophy


The League of Nations: Portugal becomes the first holder of the trophy

The goal of Gedera was the only one in the match against Netherlands and brought to the Portuguese victory in the League of Nations. Approximately such an outcome predicted by many Russian bookmakers. So how was the game that brought Portugal's next title?

Before the match

For the Dutch it was important to go on the field in a perfect composition. Coaches Ronald Koeman took no chances, firing at the estádio do dragão in the opening minutes all the guys who played in the semifinals against the British. But Fernando Santos could have done differently, replacing each of the three lines on the player. And, as time will show, the coach of Portugal has done the right thing.

It should also be noted the incredible support of the hosts of the final part of the League of Nations at the stadium in the Port. A huge number of people believed in the success of his team. And their positive mood was transmitted to the players on the field and the bench.

The first half

Started both teams with careful study each other. Nobody wanted to make a fatal mistake in the opening minutes. So dangerous in the opening moments of the meeting is not reached. But over time, the visitors gradually grew bolder and act more confident. That's just patrício still didn't really come into play.

But Portugal still has a shot Sillesen, despite the modest figures in terms of ball possession. While Cristiano Ronaldo is not too allocated against their compatriots. Kryry is so tired after a hat-trick in the semi-finals?

Over time, Portugal is still slightly leveled the game. The Netherlands is not so much control of the ball. But at the break the team left with zeros on the scoreboard.

The second half

Immediately after a short break Koeman replaced Babel on the Promes, who was the hero of the semi-finals. Quincy helped the Dutch to sharper play from the penalty area. That's just to crammedx goals the case is still not reached.

Portugal was able to sustain the starting pressure of the opponents. And then began to possess the ball. By the middle of the second half, the Portuguese managed to take the lead. Hades gave a good pass to Bernard Silva. The return of the round the team and Goncalo just broke the gate. 1:0.

The Dutch clearly nervous, not benefited them. But Portugal began to act more confidently, nothing of letting the guests. Still sometimes the Netherlands broke through the gate patrício. Only the goalkeeper is that after hitting Depay might have missed. But I didn't.

Later De Roon seriously disturbed, and the protection of the Portuguese, and their goalkeeper. But only his powerful shot sent round the crossbar. In fact, the game was made. The Dutch, like the Portuguese, just accept the result and were in no hurry to change the situation on the scoreboard. The meeting ended with the score 1:0 in favor of the hosts.

To summarize

The young striker of Valencia has allowed their countrymen to win another trophy. Portugal the winner of the first in the history of the League of Nations, as predicted by many Russian bookmakers. Victory in the final, with successful performance in the early stages of the new competition from UEFA allowed the "European team" to earn ten and a half million euros.

That's just a key moment in the LN is that this tournament has done a fine job with the replacement of friendly matches. We can only hope that the rest of the draws of this promising championship will be with the same power to delight football fans from all corners of the planet.


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