Liverpool didn't leave chances to Porto at the dragão stadium


Liverpool didn't leave chances to Porto at the dragão stadium

And in the return match ¼ the Champions League Liverpool were stronger. "Red" re-beat Porto and confidently reached the semifinals. As our editorial team, along with official bookmakers of Russia, and predicted. 1:4 in the second match and 1:6 in the two games. Liverpool again in the semi-finals of the Champions League.

The first half

Sérgio conceição fielded their best lineup in the opening minutes. It is not surprising, because the Port had to fight back after losing on the road. But Jurgen KLOP surprised, leaving on the bench Firmino. But the "Reds" managed to show up.

Initially, on the lawn of the arena dragão looked convincing the owners. Several times they could even come forward, but the Porto attack lacked precision. But Liverpool waited, waited and sharply counterattacked. That brought the guests the fruit in the middle of the first half. Salah found the transfer of Manet, and he left no chance to Casillas. The judge questioned the absence of offside, but after watching the video replay of a goal scored. 0:1. And the Dragons had to score at least four.

The second half

After a short break in Liverpool feel much more confident and in their own half, and attack. And Port tried to dominate, but to no avail. And in the sixty fifth minute Salah after the filing of the Arnold doubled the visitors ' advantage. However, later Militano managed to reduce the gap to 1:2.

At the seventy-fifth minute, Roberto Firmino, a substitute, buried all hopes of the hosts to win. 1:3. And nine minutes later, van Dijk was sent Porto in the knockout. 1:4. The score of the match and ended.

What's next?

With a good game of "Dragons" was weaker than "Red" in the two-legged tie. And Liverpool striding confidently into the semifinals, where he will fight with Barcelona.

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