Liverpool beat Porto at Anfield


Liverpool beat Porto at Anfield

Champions League is back in April with the Liverpool Port. Each of the teams wanted to have a good first match to get a handicap before the game. But, as predicted, the official bookmakersand our team managed to do only one club.

The first half

Suddenly, the wards Jurgen Klopp, to create the first dangerous moment in the very beginning of the meeting was to players Port. Marega, who would later become one of the antiheroes of a meeting, got the ball and enough free space but failed to even send the ball to the target. "Red" is answered very quickly – Nabi Keita got a great deal from partners and not missed. The account became 1:0 in favor of the hosts in the fifth minute.

While the Port has digested such turn of events, Liverpool struggled trying to develop to gain an advantage. The hosts ' attack looked close to perfect. Well even Salah, who wasn't too lucky in the previous matches. In the end, Firmino has closed a lumbago from partners and doubled the advantage of "Liverpool" on the twenty-sixth minute. However, the game was not going to calm down. That's only up to the scored (by the rules) goals it never came.

The second half

After a short rest the players Porto had a few good moments at the gates of Alisson. But the Brazilian goalkeeper was reliable, in particular van Dyck showed himself great, and Marege desperately unlucky. Forward of "Dragons" had a few chances to shoot from a good position, but was never able to beat the Alisson.

What's next?

¼ The first meeting ended with the score 2:0 in favor of Liverpool. But most importantly, and the game "Red" looked much better than their opponents. So it is unclear by what ppodopechnye sérgio conceição going to win in Portugal.


I win in Portugal. Predictions for Champions League matches are waiting for you here.">Predictions for Champions League matches are waiting for you here.


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