Tottenham managed to put the squeeze on Manchester city at the new stadium


Tottenham managed to put the squeeze on Manchester city at the new stadium

Two representatives of the Premier League – Tottenham and Manchester city met in the quarterfinals of the Champions League. For "Spurs" this match was the debut in European competition for the new stadium, which they returned recently. And home obviously helped the Londoners. Although quotes official bookmakers were on the side of the bulls, the spurs looked better and in the end pulled out a victory.

The first half

Expect the Argentine coach of the Spurs fielded their best players already in the debut of an important confrontation. But Guardiola did not so clearly. Manchester city started without mehndi and Bernardo Silva, but Delfim and Mareza. And to release from the first minute Aguero, who has just recovered from injury, was also very risky.

The hosts started the game confidently, but dangerous moments, dealing with both sides almost never came. Yes, Tottenham blocked to guests of the oxygen in the center of the field. But the number of dangerous moments of possession from Ederson has not increased.

But the bulls have a great opportunity to come forward already in the twelfth minute. The chief referee needed a replay to understand that rose's handball in the penalty area. Yellow for the defender of the hosts and a penalty against them. But Aguero failed to beat the experienced Loris. The score remained equal. Not changed it before the break.

The second half

In the command field returned in the same compositions. In General, the game has not changed. Tottenham became more confident after you have retaken the goalkeeper from the penalty spot. And the Citizens have nothing n came out in attack. In the end, only the seventy-eighth minute the score was opened. Sleep famously ran under the transfer of Eriksen, and after a little hesitation struck. Ederson failed to catch the ball. 1:0. With such a score, the game was over.

What's next?

At Manchester City there are still huge chances to qualify to the semifinals. The return match "Townspeople" will spend in native Etihad. And it is quite possible that this meeting will not be able to take part of the injured Kane. So the outcome of this battle is waiting for all football fans in a week.

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