The draw for the LE-2018/2019


The draw for the LE-2018/2019

The fifteenth of March was held the draw for the remaining rounds of the tournament called the Europa League. Which of the remaining contestants will face stronger opponents in the next round? And who, according to official bookmakers, will take place next? Read all about it below.

The quarter-finals of the Europa League season 2018-2019

The results of the draw of this stage in the quarterfinals will meet the following pairs:

  1. Napoli (Italy) and Arsenal (England).
  2. Villarreal (Spain) and Valencia (Spain).
  3. Benfica (Portugal) and Eintracht Frankfurt (Germany).
  4. Slavia (Czech Republic) and Chelsea (England).

Games between them will take place the eleventh and eighteenth of April. It is noteworthy that until the current stage has got two representatives from the two associations of Spanish and English. And the team definitely going to the next stage.

The semi-finals of the Europa League 2018/19 season

In ½ between them will converge the following groups:

  1. Napoli or Arsenal will need to face the representative of Spain (Villarreal or Valencia).
  2. Benfica or Eintracht will need to beat Slavia or Chelsea.

The fights in this stage, all football fans will be able to see the second and ninth of may.

Favorites and outsiders of the remaining stages of LE

According to the quotations of the largest bookmakers, the greatest chances of getting into the Europa League final and win it are the representatives of Albion. And in first place is Chelsea and then Arsenal. But before the Gunners in the top three contenders Napoli also fits. Then go to Valencia, Eintracht Frankfurt and Benfica from Villarreal. Least chance of a trophy, in the opinion of the representatives of the offices, the Prague Slavia. But still the cardinalno change in April. As in the beginning of may, during the semi-finals.

Forecasts for the remaining Europa League matches are waiting for you here.


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