Bookmakers with Master/Visa card account BK

Bookmakers with Master/Visa card account BK

букмекерские конторы с мастери и виза картой

An important element of improving the convenience of game bookmaker using the Internet is to offer clients opportunities to Deposit/withdraw funds. Each BK is committed to providing the widest range of ways to meet the needs of the maximum number of potential customers.

Among today's most popular ways to Fund your account or withdraw winnings is the use of Bank cards VISA/MasterCard. Practice shows that they account for the bulk of transactions.

Basic information about the system

Today VISA and MasterCard are the most popular in the world payment system, accounting for more than 50% of the total volume of performed transactions. Its system began in 1970, and 1966, respectively. The degree of their reliability is not questioned. It should be noted that VISA is more work with dollars, while MasterCard has two major currencies including the Euro.

To get a Bank card of one of these systems does not pose any difficulty. Today cooperating with them almost 100% of Russian banks, therefore, to obtain a plastic card, it is sufficient to apply to any of them. For 2017 year, about 99% of all issued on the territory of Russia of Bank cards are VISA/MasterCard.

When you receive a card you must consider that it is opened in the currency in which the account is opened in the Bank. If play is expected in the Russian BC, no problem there. Domestic bookmakers operate seamlessly with a wide range of currencies. If you plan to play in a foreign BK, then the account is better to open in us dollars, to avoid possible difficulties with the Deposit.

The order of transactions

For the execution of payment transactions you can use the services of Internet banking from a lending institution emitted the card. Are possible and corresponding applications for mobile devices. The only condition – knowledge of the details of BK, but most of the offices offering the opportunity to work with the cards, adapt the service for maximum customer convenience.

Commission payments

The amount of commissions charged when conducting transactions is set by the issuing Bank, and their value is not more than 1%. Many banks in the payment transactions establish a zero rate of Commission.

The timing of the payments

Practice shows that all bookmakers decent level of transfer funds to the account occurs instantly and without commissions. For the conclusion of the Commission is also not expected, but the timing of crediting funds to the card can achieve one – three days depending on the bookmaker and the Bank that issued the card VISA/MasterCard.

Order refill

After the player has registered in the office, he needs to go to the payment section where to bind specific cards to the account. All the procedure is extremely simplified and does not take a few minutes. After that, operations on input/withdrawal will be exclusively available on this map.

In the future it will be possible to change to another, untie the first card, and again after binding with the new "plastic". It's very simple and affordable.



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