Bookmakers Qiwi/Kiwi account

Bookmakers Qiwi/Kiwi account

букмекерские конторы с Qiwi

Game bookmaker through the Internet requires the use of efficient and convenient payment systems to enable seamless input/output of funds from the account. One of the most popular systems among Russians is the service QIWI, available in most domestic bookmakers.

A little bit about the system

QIWI payment service appeared in 2006-m year, and is popular due to the extreme simplicity of operation and huge number of payment terminals, allowing to Deposit cash. Today, the prevalence among bookmakers such system is included in the top three.

Create wallet

To use the payment service, as via a traditional website using a PC or via an app on mobile devices. The procedure is extremely simplified and requires a bind to account to the phone number. In fact, it is the username to access the system. After filling in a short questionnaire, the user receives an SMS with an activation code to complete the registration procedure and proceed directly to work.

When you use the application after entering the confirmation code into the system loaded the master data for the provider, providing telecommunications services.


Replenishment of subject commissions only, subject to not more than 500 rubles. The size of deductions of 3% or 3 rubles. When withdrawing funds, provides for the Commission equivalent to 4% of the total.

In cases where payment transactions are conducted between electronic purses, the amount of the fee varies between 0.5% and 1.5%, the exact size depends on the specific service.

In General, the comparison with other serthe chant shows that QIWI has a rather impressive Commission fees.

Balance replenishment

Among the strong sides of the service QIWI is the variety of available methods for depositing money into the account. Among them are:

  • Numerous terminals for cash Deposit, that are installed in retail outlets. Used as a private terminal for the system, and affiliate modules.
  • Money transfer services Contact, Unistrim.
  • Various e-wallets available on the territory of Russia;
  • Bank accounts, including the binding of Bank cards;
  • The main operators.


To withdraw funds from the account you can use several options, including the withdrawal through transfer systems obtaining in the Bank.

Using QIWI bookmakers

Today, all registered in the Russian legal bookmakers offer their customers the possibility of entering/withdrawal of funds using QIWI. This method is popular among players, as the presence of a huge number of terminals allows you to conduct operations in any corner of Russia.

The procedure of Deposit through QIWI as simple as possible. You should go to the website of BK in the appropriate section, select the desired method to enter the data about the amount of Deposit and phone number (login to QIWI).

The system then automatically puts the player on his page in the payment system, where required confirm your payment with using code from the received SMS message. Transfer of funds is carried out instantly.


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