Bookmakers with Webmoney/WebMoney

Bookmakers with Webmoney/WebMoney

Букмекерские конторы с Webmoney

The ever-increasing volume of payment transactions on the Internet leads to the development of new payment systems, however, remains strong and the provision of services existing for a long time. One of them is the system of WebMoney, one of the most popular in Russia. She appeared in the 1998 year, and next year prepares to celebrate its 20th anniversary.

Today, you can use a similar method to the gaming wallets offer all without exception domestic bookmakers providing services via the Internet. Available this way in many European offices.

Registration in the system

Currently, users are offered two options to open a WebMoney account and work with it. In the first case it uses a separate program Keeper Classic, Keeper Light in the second, providing working on the site WebMoney. Most clients prefer the first scheme.

The registration procedure is not complicated and involves a step-by-step instruction. You only need to submit accurate information. One of the features of registration is the confirmation of data via E-mail, so you want to specify only truthful information.

After registration the user will receive a WMID identifier, simultaneously projecting the login.


All payment transactions with the use of WebMoney are subject to Commission value of 0.8%. Funds withdrawal is performed from the sender's account. As a means of protection provides for the establishment of protection, that is protection of a special transaction code.

Possibility of replenishment

To Fund the WebMoney account, you have several options as by transferring fundsin other e-wallets, and due to the accrual of real money. In the latter case, you can take advantage of the many available terminals to make cash, special payment cards, and by arranging Bank transfers.

Withdrawal from the purse provides the same number of ways, including cash-out transactions through the exchange offices in major cities.

Use WebMoney bookmakers

Bookmakers today are actively using WebMoney as a one of the ways of carrying out operations on Deposit/withdrawal. The order of execution for the users ' convenience is extremely simplified.

A player needs to go to payments, choose the appropriate way to specify the amount and the number of purse, after which run the operation. It automatically transferred to her own account in WebMoney, where it remains to confirm the operation.

All payment transactions with the use of this system is carried out instantly, while mentioned above will be debited the Commission amount to 0.8% of the amount transferred. With regard to the withdrawal of vagricha from the account, the time for processing applications may be up to several days, depending upon the terms of a particular representative of the market.


In General, the service is not only available, but also a high degree of reliability in operation.


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