Bookmakers with Yandex.Money/YandexMoney

Bookmakers with Yandex.Money/YandexMoney

Букмекерские конторы с Яндекс.Деньги

Today, more and more fans of sports betting prefer the game over the Internet that gives a number of advantages. At the same time, players are faced with the necessity of choosing a convenient and reliable ways to conduct financial transactions for depositing and withdrawal of funds.

One of the most accessible and convenient for the Russians services supports the national system of Yandex.The money created by the developers of "Yandex" 15 years ago. Today it is most common in Runet payment element that actively interacts most banks and large stores.

Offer the possibility of replenishment with it, and without exception, domestic bookmakers.

Create wallet

The procedure create a purse in system Yandex is very simple and takes no more than 5-10 minutes of time. Thus for owners of mailbox "Yandex" wallet is automatically generated, it only remains to activate. To use the wallet as on page search engine or through a separate software product.

Not so long ago "Yandex" offers its customers the opportunity obtain a plastic card, issued free of charge. Replenishment through "Sberbank" and a number of other domestic banks without charging commissions.

Commission in the transaction

In most cases, when conducting operations of input/output tools on the websites of the bookmakers ' operations are not subject to the Commission collecting, and transactions are conducted instantly in both directions. The system Yandex.Money with the recipient of the payment charges of 0.5%, you would pay to if the user moves WTed funds from the gaming account.

Options to replenish the purse

Today users have the opportunity to top-up your Yandex.Wallet in several ways. Among them:

  • A huge number of terminals in retail outlets;
  • Systems of Contact remittances and other;
  • Using Internet banking;
  • Other e-wallets, including foreign.

The most widespread is the replenishment of the Bank accounts, and through terminals with the introduction of cash.

Usage Of Yandex.Money in bookmakers

Today, every bookmaker strives to offer customers maximum convenience, including when carrying out payment transactions. Accordingly, they are maximally simplified. To Deposit funds or to withdraw them from the account by clicking a few buttons. It is sufficient to choose the appropriate method, enter the amount, then confirm the payment. The system automatically transferred the player on the page of your purse in the payment system, which requires a confirmation operation (for security reasons) to enter the confirmation code received via SMS on your phone.

It is necessary to stress once again that the Yandex.Money use without exception, all domestic legal bookmakers. In addition, with the popular Russian payment service work and foreign bookmakers, offering their services on the Internet, and having a Russian version of the sites.



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