The bookmaker with Skrill a gaming account BK

The bookmaker with Skrill a gaming account BK

Платежная система Skrill - обзор кошелька, карточка, бонус


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Lovers of betting online bookmakers offer many kinds of options for the execution of payment transactions. Among the most convenient and attractive options offered by many bookmakers is the service Skrill, until recently known as MoneyBookers.

The main specialization of the company is to work with online casino and other entertainment projects operating in the Internet. Not the exception and bookmakers, many of which are with Skrill partnerships.

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Service is a British product and was in the UK, acting in strict accordance with the laws of this country. All of this suggests that the reliability and responsibility of the company in front of customers no doubt.

Today the largest online gambling sites in Britain cooperate with the service Skrill, getting the opportunity to provide its customers with the right to interest-free payments by Deposit/withdrawal of funds using the payment system.

In addition, the service can be used to commit online purchases in various stores. In General Skrill is very popular in Europe and especially in Britain, even among those not related to gambling and sports betting.

The advantages of the service include:

  • Minimum fees;
  • Extremely simple to operate service accessible navigation;
  • The anonymity of users due to the need to bind only to the e-mail.


Percentstupid registration on the website system is extremely simple and requires only data input by e-mail. The whole procedure will take no more than a few minutes. After completing registration, the user receives at its disposal an open account allowing for interaction when conducting transactions with Bank accounts and cards, and various electronic wallets. They are used as when depositing funds and withdrawing.

It should be noted that in honor of the rebranding (name change), every client after making a certain number of payments and receives a bonus of $ 15.


It should be noted that to remain anonymous Skrill is possible only with a minimum package of available services. To get the full service required verification, i.e. confirmation of the data. It includes several stages:

  • Download scanned passport opens the possibility of free of charge goods and services;
  • Proof of address (confirmation code) increases the limit of operations to 3.5 thousand dollars;
  • Binding credit card or Bank account the procedure is voluntary, it increases the limits up to 4 thousand dollars.
карточка  Skrill

It is worth noting that Skrill produces own plastic cards of MasterCard that allows its holder to work without problems with financial means in any situation.



A bonus from Skrill$ 20 for the game bookmaker

In the end I would like to note that the number of foreign bookmakers, with partnership fromthe relations with Skrill, offer their customers an additional bonus of $ 20 credited to the account under certain conditions.

 скрилл бонус как получить 20$


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