NBA 2017/18: bets on the winner in the Eastern conference

НБА 2017/18: ставки на победителя в Восточной конференции

NBA 2017/18: bets on the winner in the Eastern conference

The draw of the new NBA season has already started. This means that basketball fans from all over the world can enthusiastically follow and favorite stars. And what bettors? Who is best to put representatives from the Eastern conference this time? Let's try to understand.

What has changed in the offseason?

What upheavals occurred in the championship overall, we had a bit of writing in the article on the Western conference. As for the East, here too there have been several interesting events.

The leaders of the conference had the largest deal among themselves – Kyrie Irving moved from Cleveland to Boston, and for that, the Cavaliers got Isail Thomas, Ante Žižić, J. Crowder and a chance to make a choice during the draft 2018. Thus, the parties got exactly what they wanted. In the Celtics there was a star of the first magnitude, and the Cleveland now with a full order depth of the composition.

Another interesting fact: for the fourth consecutive season in the NBA will be more hundreds of foreign athletes. This time the team said the one hundred and eight foreign players. Each of the thirty clubs owns at least one foreigner. The number of European athletes in the League and is the record – EU countries in this drawing represent sixty-four.

The main contenders for the exit in the playoffs

Most likely, the conference finals will meet again representatives of the Boston and Cleveland. Champions 2016 have kept LeBron James and markedly increased. And the Celtics got Irving. It is unknown whether this will be enough to impose the struggle of the Cavaliers and others toomandam, but one thing is clear – despite the loss of some decent players, "Boston" looks almost respectable all on the East coast.

It is also unlikely that the particular problems with exit in the playoffs will test the "Washington wizards", "Miami heat" and the "Toronto raptors". Also it is time to bet on the Phillies. Currently under the wing of the Sixers gathered a huge number of young talents who can easily "shoot" this season.

Outsiders of the conference

Least likely to qualify for the playoffs, "Brooklyn nets", "Atlanta hawks" and "new York Niks". In contrast, the same "Orlando magic", which also failed last season, these clubs not only not increased sufficiently, but also lost in recent years almost all the best players.

Not the best way things work in "Chicago bulls" and "Indiana Pacers". If before both teams could scare any opponent only names of their lineups, now they merely blow off the dust from the trophies of yesteryear. Those same Chicagoans case with the main five things are very tight, so it is unlikely they will be able to show results at least at the level of last season.

What is the result?

Essentially are all the same: the main struggle for the right to represent their conference in the finals will be between "the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Boston Celtics". And yet look better last year's finalists. By the way, in the first match of the season, Cleveland has defeated its main competitors with a score of 102:99. So that you can safely run to trusted bookmaker and to bet.


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