NBA 2017/18: bets on the winner in the Western conference

НБА 2017/18: ставки на победителя в Западной конференции

NBA 2017/18: bets on the winner in the Western conference

Seventeenth October launched the seventy-second National basketball Association championship is the best League in the world in this sport. The first games of the regular season are matches between "the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Boston Celtics", where the gap at three points won the first, and "the Golden state Warriors and Houston rockets", where "Missiles" snatched victory from the defending Champions, losing on a meeting course seventeen points. And what to expect from the upcoming drawing in General? Who will be the strongest team in the West?

What has changed in the offseason?

Surprisingly, for the first time in NBA history during the summer break there was not a single coaching dismissal. This suggests that the leadership of most teams like people in these positions. And for the fans and betterof this fact indicates the absence of drastic changes in the pattern of the game.

Also the leadership of the League deliberately stretched the schedule of the regular season. Now, this period is twenty-six weeks. So the number of games on two consecutive days significantly reduced, and five matches per week, as it was in the last draw, now no one will have one team. The absence of the tight schedule will allow athletes to recover better. This means that the number of injuries in the League will be smaller, and the main stars of the NBA will appear on the floor more often, making the matches more entertaining.

The main contenders for the exit in the playoffs

Definitely the favorites in the race for the victory in the conference, as well as throughout the tournament, remain "Golden state Warriors". The current Champions managed to keep a winning team. Stephen Curry left the team due to the record contract, thanks to which he for five years to earn two hundred one million dollars. Also this season in the games for the Warriors, viewers will see and other stars: Glue, Thompson, Draymond green, Kevin Durant and Zazu Pachulia. And bench Champions in order.

Competition guys from Oakland in the West will be "Houston rockets", who managed to lure one of the best top point guard Chris Paul. Side by side with him will be James harden, Trevor Ariza and the opening of last season, Clint Capela. That's just the striker and the length of the bench, "Rockets" can be a problem. His ambitions "Houston" has already stated quite eloquently, snatching in the opening match of the season winning the Champions.

Another contender for the top place in the conference, "Oklahoma city thunder". "The thunders" in the offseason, made several successful purchases. First and foremost it is worth noting the acquisition of Paul George and Carmelo Anthony. But with a bench and driven forward by the guys from Oklahoma the same problems as Houston.

Outsiders of the conference

Still not enough for what you can expect in the next season, "Phoenix suns", "new Orleans Pelicans", "Dallas Mavericks" and "Sacramento kings". Despite the activity in the transfer market, the team never found a decent gain. Even with the stars in the squad that are from the same "Pelicans" and "Dallas", yet they do not Shine because of the appalling holes in the starting fives and weak benches.

Hardly delight in the new season their fans a once-great club "Los Angeles Lakers". The team is still going through difficult times. Next summer, the club's about to shell out for stars of the first magnitude. But this season the Lakers will continue to run in promising youth. And the hit in the playoffs for them to be for happiness.

g>What is the result?

Big changes in the Western conference compared to last season is not going to happen. According to bookmakers for the top of the table will fight all the same. And most of all the chance to represent the West in the finals, still have "Golden state Warriors".


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