Formula 1: betting, predictions and news of season 2019


Formula 1: betting, predictions and news of season 2019

The seventieth season of the legendary race will start soon. So what you need to know about Formula 1 in the upcoming drawing now? Most bookmakers have already determined favorites of the draw of the main automotive event of the planet. But we will try to dig a little deeper. Are you ready?

Changes in General

For a start we will not go into details. For anybody not a secret that the organizers of the "Royal races" to get involved in the regulation of already campaign season, when one of the favorites begins to tell on the other. Yet with the full order. In the sense that the management of all stables current rules are quite satisfied. With the exception of those points that we will mention later.

Regarding the main rules, they remain the same:

  1. The Grand Prix includes the following steps:
  • Friday free rides (they can be involved in three pilots from each team, but on two cars);
  • Saturday qualification – only two pilots from each of the commands;
  • the race, which is attended by the drivers, who spoke a day earlier.
  1. Three sessions of the free races, as much for qualifying a day later.
  2. About the rules of the race is additionally not worth writing, right? If you think otherwise, then leave your comment under the article. Our editorial staff will prepare a further variant, in which all will be outlined with detail.
  3. Points are awarded as follows:
  • the pilots in the standings receive points from first to tenth position at the finish according to the formula: 25-18-15-12-10-9-6-4-2-1. That is, the pilot who finished first earns twenty-five points. And the racer crossed the finish line tenth – one point.
  • in team standings (constructors) are taken into account scores obtained by all the pilots of a single "stable" in each of the races. The sum of the extracted points and the best team at the end of each stage and season in General.

The team

It's time to announce the riders and the official names of the teams they will represent in the upcoming season. So:

  1. Scuderia Ferrari (Italy): Sebastian Vettel and Charles LeClair.
  2. Rich Energy Haas F1 Team (USA): Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen.
  3. McLaren F1 Team (UK): Lando Norris and Carlos Sainz.
  4. Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport (Germany): Lewis Hamilton and Bottas Valleri.
  5. SportPesa Racing Point (UK): Sergio Perez and lance Stroll.
  6. Aston Martin Red Bull Racing (Austria): Pierre went Out and Max Verstappen.
  7. Renault F1 Team (France): Daniel ricciardo and Nico Hulkenberg.
  8. Alfa Romeo Racing (Switzerland): Kimi Raikkonen and Antonio Giovinazzi.
  9. Red Bull Toro Rosso Honda (Italy): Alexander Mirel Albon and Daniil Kvyat.
  10. ROKiT Williams Racing (UK): George Russell and Robert Kubica.

More detailed information about each of the pilots, as well as information about how to back riders you learn from our article.

Technical changes

Major changes of the coming season are associated with the aerodynamics. The simplified design of the front spoilerand will make it more broad. The air inlets of the front brakes will be Chet easier, which can make them more compact. For the rear wing also comes some changes. It can be expanded and made more deep in it will get rid of the small flaps and additional end plates.

Each team may nominate a side deflector to ten centimetres and also make it lower by fifteen centimeters.

DRS will increase its effect. Although it is not clear yet how exactly it will affect the result. It is possible that characteristics of the wing will be governed by the campaign season.

The limit on fuel consumption for the new season is set at the level to one hundred ten pounds. At least for now.

formula 1

Grand Prix calendar

Fans of Royal races await twenty-one stage, which will be held on the different continents. About each Grand Prix we'll have more details a little later. The important thing is that the race will be held on the fifteenth of March to the first of December. Season starts in Australia. And end in Abu Dhabi, where we know the name of the new champion.

What is the result?

The new season of "Royal races" promises to be truly elegant. And it's not only about the struggle of several strongest drivers of our time. Also interestingly, some of the stables will be awarded the title of best. Who of the outsiders will be able to break into the TOP. And all this we find out very soon.


Forecasts for each of the Grand Prix of Formula 1 this season.


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